Montepulciano grape gives an intense ruby red coloured wine, with a characteristic, vinous scent, dry, fruity, tannic, not acidic, of good body structure, velvety, rightly alcoholic.

Ampelographic characteristics

The vine has found wide diffusion in Abruzzo and along the Adriatic coast. The variety is fairly homogeneous, the differential characters concern the shape of the bunch, the presence of green millerandage before maturation, the ripening time and the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

Apex bud is expanded, cottony, presenting fluff on the underside. Leaves are medium-sized, pentagonal, five-lobed, flat, very dark green in colour, cottony surface on the under side.

Cluster: medium, more or less compact, cylindrical to conical shape, often winged. Berry: medium, semi-oval, black-purple, not too easy to detach; skin: consistent; velvety, pulp: juicy, slightly pinkish, of simple flavour.

Cultivation aptitudes

Vine of medium to good vigour with semi-erect vegetation; medium shoot, rather short internode and balanced vegetation.

Prefers medium-textured, deep, clayey-calcareous soils, well exposed in the northernmost areas; requires warm and dry climates for regular grape ripening.

Montepulciano raising and pruning

Requires forms of cultivation that are not too expansive and medium-short pruning.

It is therefore suitable for full mechanisation as long as certain environmental conditions are respected, especially in the northernmost parts of the growing area.

Montepulciano viinamarjad

Montepulciano production

Medium to good and fairly constant in both short and medium-long pruning.

Sensitivity to diseases

Somewhat sensitive to powdery mildew, prone to green millerandage. Good resistance to late frosts.

Oenological potential

It gives a wine of intense ruby red colour, with a characteristic, vinous bouquet, dry, fruity, tannic, non-acidic, full-bodied, velvety, rightly alcoholic.

White vinification produces an excellent rosé wine, sapid, fruity and very pleasant.

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